Tim Moore Associates represents more than 23,000 Purchasing and Supply Chain specialists across Canada.

Employer Services and Supply Chain Recruiting

We are the preferred supplier of Supply Chain Recruitment Services for companies looking for Purchasing, Procurement and Supply Chain specialists, including: Buyers, Senior Buyers, Planners, Inventory Controllers, Materials Management Specialists, Commodity Managers, Logistics Coordinators, to name a just a few. Everything from a newly qualified Junior Buyer to a seasoned VP of Supply Operations – across all industries such as: automotive, pharmaceutical, oil and gas, manufacturing, public service, food/beverage, consumer goods, electronics and much more.

Difficulties finding or changing a Supply Chain job? Unsure if your resume, job search, interview, social media, or presentation skills are even working?

Candidate Services and Supply Chain Employment Consulting

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Ten reasons why you should work with TMA in your search for Supply Chain Talent.

The greatest challenge faced by employers is retention and the ability to attract top talent. This is just as critical as the legal advice you receive from attorneys and the accounting advice they receive from their accountants. Do you hire the cheapest lawyer and accountant available? The answer is NO. You hire individuals with the expertise you need to protect their company. That same rule should apply to Recruiting Firms you utilize. Attracting and hiring the top talent you need can make the difference between success or failure.

20 Years and 23,000 Candidates

Over our 20 year history, we have developed a network of over 23,000 top supply chain professionals, which firms typically cannot find on their own. (Purchasing Agents, Senior Buyers, Inventory Controllers, Logistics Coordinators, Warehouse Managers, Operation Directors, Supply Chain Directors, Customs Analysts, and much more!).

Always on the hunt

We are recruiting for top talent daily and find hidden candidates who are not reading job boards, viewing website job postings or conducting an active search, but who may be open to a career move.

Experienced and Connected

Our recruiters are experienced Supply Chain practitioners themselves, who know the profession, job function, and the job market better than your in-house recruiters. We deal with multiple hiring authorities on a regular basis, have inside information on the supply profession and hundreds of companies, and use this industry knowledge to benefit our clients.


We shorten the time it takes to fill a position because we don’t start from scratch. Our marketing efforts are focused on the supply chain professional, and we regularly identify dozens of potential candidates for each job order, assignment or contract. We have already identified potential candidates that are qualified and have surfaced recently that you could be of potentially use.

Great value

The cost of training a new hire is drastically reduced because we find candidates who have the exact experience, skills and abilities needed to not only hit the ground running in your organization, but advance your supply area ahead of where it is today.

Seamless process

We get everyone in the hiring process on the same page and assist busy HR departments and hiring managers by knowing your needs, special requirements, and interviewing schedules before properly briefing candidates and setting up interviews. We’re here to make it easy.

Cost effective

Utilizing our services is cost effective. Too often fees or rates are compared to the cost of simply a job board posting, but, think of all the costs incurred for a new hire; Job Postings, Sourcing, Website Updates, Reference & Background Testing, Assessment Tools, Support costs to contact the hundreds of candidates who respond to postings, interviewing, database mining, marketing materials, salaries and this does not even include overhead costs. You also have to ask “what is it costing my company to have this position open for any length of time?”


We can DISCRETELY and proactively search for hard-to-find talent. Once briefed on your unique opportunity and needs, we leverage the strong rapport with our clients and help you identify hard to find talent by aggressively, proactively and discretely working on your behalf in the marketplace. All of our searches are confidential, eliminating the constant annoyance of unsolicited candidate phone calls, e-mails, resumes and letters, or worse, people simply dropping in, which is a drain on your valuable time and resources.

High retention

We improve retention through our extensive screening and qualifying of candidates, and on the correct identification of salary levels and benefits required to retain top notch talent.

Continued support

We don’t simply disappear, we work hard in the post-hire stage as well to follow up on candidate performance, job and overall placement satisfaction, on both sides.

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Professionally trained Purchasing and Supply Chain specialists do more than simply buy and supply items.

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An overview of the Supply Chain skill sets for all levels of management for Purchasing and Supply Chain specialists.


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