Cover letters versus Introduction letters

I was wondering if you could give me your thoughts on cover letters. I always include one when sending a resume in response to an advertised position. A friends was saying he does not, he only sends a cover letter of ‘introduction’. I can see his point as a letter may confound the issue if the letter does not clearly address the posting requirements. You thoughts?

YES always include a cover letter when responding to an ad. It enables a quick review to determine IF you DO have the required background, or if they have to ‘slog’ through and read your resume to TRY to piece things together and see if you really do have the background they’re looking for. Why not make it easier for the reader?

Always keep in mind however, that your cover letter may be sent WITH your resume, but once your info is received by the potential employer, the letter could go one way, and the resume the other. So, what does this mean? If there is anything imperative in the ad that says you MUST have ‘this or that’, make sure you reflect your requisite knowledge or experience in BOTH the cover letter and resume.

I’m not sure I ‘like’ the letter of introduction idea, as it may simply confuse or frustrate the reader .. who is basically rushing through (what could be) dozens of letters and resumes, to quickly see who may immediately qualify and be moved ahead in the process and passed along .. and who may not.

No, I’d stick to what’s known out there and offer a COVER LETTER instead. It’s like ‘functional’ resumes or those that stick strictly to one or two pages .. no matter the years of extensive experience, because they read that somewhere in a book or on the internet. Don’t believe them .. they both should be avoided.