Happy Victoria Day Weekend

It”s the first (real) launch of the summer season with renewed growth in both the garden and the economy. Both Ontario and B.C. seem to be competing for best economic growth metrics, and Alberta”s economy is struggling due to the price of oil. “But don”t count Alberta or the oil and gas sector out yet,” says Tim Moore, President of Tim Moore Associates. “Every sector of the economy and every region of the country have a correction now and then, and this is Alberta”s time.” Subsequent layoffs in the oil and gas sector, and similar actions in other blue chip organizations such as Bombardier, due to weaker demand in business jets prevail the news cycle.

Maybe Tim is right in advising not to count the oil and gas sector “out” just yet, as our latest order, for a Supply Chain Manager, is located in Calgary, in the oil and gas sector, AND may also signal a return – or renewed growth, in Executive level compensation ($ 150K + to start), which had been fairly absent, during the recent economic slowdown. “A lot of people thought that this level had simply vanished, never to return again, but it”s not true,” adds Moore. And with that, comes a higher level of attention and requirement in how you properly present yourself, especially within your resume, if you”re really serious about competing for this unique role.

“If we”re mentioning business jets, let”s compare it to say… travel,” adds Tim. “You”ve got various levels of airline transportation. Economy, business class, first class, VIP, and the ultimate – Executive jet or even private jet (the really high fliers”). Most job opportunities are, or rather “fly” at a lower altitude and involve a regular resume with basic job duties and responsibilities. However, the higher the title, compensation or altitude, the greater attention to detail and basics, like size of spend, commodities bought, cost savings, and efficiencies are required.

Our latest role, requires the highest level of information to support a (serious) candidate application to be reviewed, because you”re now flying at the highest altitude, definitely Executive travel or private jet class. “You”ve got to present a lot more supporting information, such as detailed metrics, substantiated cost savings, impact on the bottom line, and most importantly.. ACHIEVEMENTS!,” comments Tim. Essentially what did you regularly do “over and above” the job requirements and how did YOU directly affect the company”s bottom line. What makes you unique and frequently “flying” at a higher altitude, where few have gone before? In simpler terms, “what”s your substantial and consistent value add?” whispers Tim.

Our client for the Supply Chain Manager (Executive Job793), is open to those both inside AND outside of the oil and gas industry. The key is, to ensure your resume is top notch and includes the vital areas mentioned above, whether they are imbedded within the resume or a special addendum. “Our client is looking for substantial Superstars and High Flyers from right across Canada,” adds Tim. So take the weekend to give that resume a fresh spring cleaning; insert and substantiate your greater value add, and rush your applications to Tim”s private e-mail at “tma1@rogers.com” and add “SC Mgr Calgary” to your subject line, for immediate attention.

And oh, and for those Supply Chain professionals who may have been part of the Bombardier (or other) layoffs, please note that we have a Toronto (East) client that would love to hear of your availability, and also please check out our many other openings on our website at www.timmooreassociates.com.

That”s it for now and happy landings everyone !