Special New Year’s Edition

Season’s greetings and all the very best wishes for the New Year from your team of supply chain elves at Tim Moore Associates (Tim, Nancy, Les, Kathy, Mike.) We would like to thank all of our clients, candidates and industry friends alike that have shared in our success in 2012. It’s very much appreciated and we are truly thankful! Now here’s to an even better 2013 as we expand our staff and service offerings further for your benefit!

TMA has, and continues to, receive recruitment orders for Supply Chain professionals from right across Canada. The West is still leading the way out of the recession this year, with solid multiple orders out of Regina, Calgary, Edmonton, Fort McMurray, Saskatoon, and Winnipeg, from new and returning clients alike.

Contract Administrators – especially those with EPC or EPCM (Engineering, Procurement, Construction Management) – continue to be in hot demand right across Canada, but especially in the oil and gas patch and those involved in mining and exploration. TMA sees a strong and steady demand for these professionals, no matter the sector experience, right across Canada throughout 2013.

The TMA office is back up to full staff and is accepting orders for Supply Chain talent as employers meet 2013 with new hiring budgets and expanded employment needs.

We would like to remind our candidates considering a move in 2013 to take a moment and update their e-mail addresses, contact numbers, educational achievements and other important data on their resumes, and to send their resume into TMA at updates@timmooreassociates.com to stay on top of new and exciting supply chain opportunities.