TMA is back up to a full complement of staff again as we conclude a successful vacation season

Tim got some solid R+R aboard his boat and attended a few weddings, Nancy spent time fixing up her cottage, Les enjoyed antique car shows and BBQ’s, and Kathy spent time at the cottage with her ‘girlies.’

The economy continues to slowly expand and TMA has noticed an influx and gradual return of full time, permanent opportunities becoming available now. Currently we’re looking for supply professionals right across Canada for a number of roles.

Don’t forget to update your file by sending in your latest resume. Whether it’s simply a change in e-mail addresses, new phone or cell number, or completing more courses toward your supply chain designation, we’d love to hear from you. Send your updates to .

And for those of you who are ‘bystanders’ and love to review and get our job bulletins – for the helpful tips on what’s happening in the Supply Chain (recruitment) world, do consider registering with TMA via our homepage at You simply answer a few questions, upload your resume, and you’re all set.

Registering allows all of our Account Managers to view your file and consider you for current AND UPCOMING jobs – right across Canada. (No, your resume is NOT posted on the internet for everyone to see, and TMA does NOT sell or allow access to your information. Everything is held private and confidential.) We can call you when we have a successful match, to discuss your portfolio and set up a private interview.

BONUS! Don’t forget to request your copy of our latest Whitepaper on the current supply chain economy and growing trends impacting Supply Chain professionals. Request your copy by clicking here.

When clicking on the JOBS IN SUPPLY CHAIN button on our TMA homepage to view the supply opportunities we’re working on, LEAVE THE SEARCH SCREEN BLANK and simply ‘click’ on the “Submit Search” button. This will pull up ALL the jobs we’re working on, right across Canada. Similarly, it will bring up jobs which may be close to your area, that you’re just not (correctly) asking for in your search.

For example a “Vancouver” entry only, will miss those in Richmond, Capilano, etc. Similarly, “Toronto” only, will miss the Richmond Hill, Vaughan, Ajax jobs.
“Montreal” will miss Laval, Roxboro, Longueil, etc.