TMA Supply Candidates for October 09

Happy Halloween!!

Looking for a Supply professional? OOOOOOOO, SCARY !

Are you trying to find, correctly identify, recruit and successfully hire a seasoned and qualified supply chain professional…in today’s economic environment? That can be so SCARY ! If you need Buyers, Purchasing Agents, Inventory Controllers, Procurement Managers, Logistics Specialists or even Directors of Global Sourcing, now or in the immediate future, you should be calling Tim Moore Associates.

“There’s never been such a strong demand for Supply Professionals,” admits Tim Moore, President of Tim Moore Associates. Companies today urgently require qualified professionals who can immediately identify cost savings, control spend, reduce exposure to risk, and improve operational efficiencies; ultimately improving not only their competitive position but their bottom line profitability and ‘survivability’ as well.

“Gone are the days of considering and hiring just about ‘anyone’ for something as vital as the Supply Chain function, or transferring ‘head count’ from accounting or sales to simply fill in,” adds Moore. Today, that’s a recipe for disaster (and so RISKY!)

You really need someone who has the formal academic training in supply, actual commodity or sector experience, and the personal skill set required to successfully hit the ground running, not take 2 or 3 years to train. That higher caliber of supply candidate isn’t easily found, and won’t be browsing Job Boards or may not be actively looking.

Act now! Clients from right across Canada are calling to discuss their strategic recruitment needs for immediate and future supply needs, as the economy improves. We have orders from coast to coast, from the oil and gas, telecommunications, medical equipment, aerospace, defense, hi tech, and even pulp and paper industries. The ‘pool’ of qualified candidates is shrinking again. (Scary, once more.)

See a list of some of our candidates!