Under the current job market conditions, how likely is an employer to pick an out-of-province candidate?

I have been actively looking for other opportunities. FYI, I reside in Toronto, noticing more openings with better pay are available out of Ontario; I started to consider relocating to other major cities within Canada. Knowing that you are an expert in talent acquisition in the field of supply chain, I would like to seek your advice and comments. Being more specific, I have one quick question — Under the current job market conditions, how likely is an employer to pick an out-of-province candidate?


Tim’s Reply

Typically, employers can prefer locals, but depending on the industry, the exact position, and the URGENCY of the recruitment search, that can all change.

Others employers however, can have a greater preference for those who are not only local but perhaps even closer to their location, than the last employee in that role. This being for many other potential reasons.

  1. They may ask for moderate to substantial overtime and not wish the candidate to have to travel to far to come/go from the office.
  2. The extra ‘burden’ financially that driving long distances may have on candidates, such as extra gas, wear and tear on the vehicle, problems picking up kids from daycare, winter travel, etc.
  3. The expense of extending relocation privileges to potential candidates
  4. The expense and potential of ultimately replacing the ‘distant’ employee, should they become dissatisfied and leaving because of the added aggravation, the list goes on and on.

If you’re open to relocation and the expanded job search benefits this may bring, it may just propel your career forward. However, if you’re only considering that option for the thought of potential extra dollars, you may wish to think again and may soon be disillusioned once you make the move.

"Fat" salaries for some jobs, especially in the West, could be justified, not just based on greater demand, competition in the marketplace or other factors. Fort McMurray in Alberta for example, is an area where those professionals from out of the province can make substantial increases in salary, some as high as 35% – 65% more than Ontario, but be careful, you’ll also pay SUBSTANTIALLY more in accommodation and other cost of living expenses.

Ultimately the decision is up to you, and your ultimate career (and job satisfaction) goals.

Good luck!